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Try not to smile while watching these Ninjas get ‘The Call’

They’ve worked so hard and waited so long for this huge moment.

There’s one thing you need to start your journey to American Ninja Warrior: The call. Watch these Ninjas get it.

It’s a huge moment for any aspiring Ninja Warrior. It means that all their determination, all their focus on training and preparation, it’s about to be tested. The joy, adrenaline, and nerves are palpable.

Just try not to be happy for them.

After submitting an application, hopeful contestants have to wait by the phone for weeks and weeks. During this time, the casting team and the producers sift through those tens of thousands of videos and pull out the few hundred that will get to run the course.

The next step is to call and give the good news to the selected participants. Casting producer Peter Szeliga makes a good chunk of these phone calls.

Congratulations to all the Ninjas! We can’t wait to see these competitors on the course this season!