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Please enjoy these magnificent Ninja Warrior babies

Give us all the baby pics.

WARNING: This post is full of babies who rank very, very high on the cuteness scale.

There are a lot of fresh babies in the American Ninja Warrior community right now. And for that we say thank you, more please.

Aside from just being absolutely delicious to look at, these little wonders illustrate just how this sport lends itself to families. It’s a pretty special thing that we get to watch people find their footing on American Ninja Warrior and then grow as both athletes and parents. New moms and dad return to the course season after season with new motivations. One person’s ambition becomes a family affair and something they can all enjoy together.

Also, baby cheeks. They are incredible. So let’s look at some.

(If we missed a Ninja Warrior baby, it’s not because we don’t think they’re magnificent. Chances are that baby is also heavenly. Please tell us about them.)

Drew Drechsel won a million bucks last year and then hit the jackpot when he welcomed son, Korey Kade to world with his girlfriend, April Beckner.

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Rachael Goldstein always grits it out on the course. She took season 11 off as she was expecting her daughter, Finley. Now momma is back in action, prepping for season 12!

Sean Darling-Hammond returned to the National Finals for the fourth time in season 11. But honestly, his biggest obstacle was probably trying to resist running home to THAT. FACE.

Little Ava has one heck of a Ninja-legacy. Mom Lindsay Eskildsen and dad Joe Greene are BOTH American Ninja Warriors. (Help us. That smile. We’re dead. We died.)

Ninja Devin Harrelson, AKA “Dougie Fresh,” has twinjas that literally make us gasp for air.

We almost can’t finish typing this because we’re so overcome with the patriotism brought on by Chad Flexington’s (AKA: Ben Udy) EXCELLENT SMALL HUMAN.

Please point us to other American Ninja Warrior babies. Please.