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Ninja Warriors, what are your go-to recipes?

Elliott Jolivette is looking to put together a Ninja Warrior cookbook.

Ninjas gotta eat. They need fuel for all the training that leads to all the jaw-dropping runs on American Ninja Warrior. Nutrition is a very common question when it comes to both watching the Ninjas in action and as people train to become Ninjas themselves. What do they eat to stay energized? What do they eat when they want something special? What are their go-to recipes when they’re in a hurry?

One Ninja wants to collect all that info to share with the world. Elliott Jolivette has competed on American Ninja Warrior seasons eight, ten, and eleven. His plan is to put together a Ninja Warrior cookbook.

“As Ninjas, we always get asked what to eat to stay fit on the course. Now the world can have an inside peak at our favorite dishes,” Elliott shared.

He kicked things off by sharing a chicken and veggie stir fry recipe from Tasty. “The recipe came from my college days before I became a Ninja. While going to college, I worked in a restaurant and waited tables. To save on money, I preferred to cook at home rather than eat out. I was searching online for something healthy to cook and found this recipe. It’s perfect for a Ninja, it’s inexpensive, easy to make, makes leftovers and (it’s) delicious.”

We need meal ideas too! Ninja Warriors, can you share your favorite recipes? You can leave a comment below with the recipe, or drop the link to were the recipe is online. We’re getting hungry just thinking about it...