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Jamie Rahn made an impressive American Ninja Warrior version of ‘Guess Who?’

We would play this for hours!

Right now is a great time to introduce the little ones in your life to those classic games. Chutes and Ladders, Candy Land, Sorry, Clue... and of course, Guess Who?

But you know what makes any game better? Adding Ninjas.

American Ninja Warrior competitor Jamie Rahn is one of the faces of the show and the sport. In his nine seasons on Ninja Warrior, he’s made it to the National Finals six times. In season 10, he famously completed Stage One while barefoot after he lost one of his shoes and decided to even things out and make the best of it.

So Jamie has Ninja Warrior on the mind pretty much all the time. Even when it’s time to relax OFF the course. Need proof? Take a look at this incredible American Ninja Warrior Guess Who board that Jamie made himself!

He made and cut out itty-bitty pictures of American Ninja Warrior competitors and perfectly fit them into the game.

We learned about the board while Jamie did a live-stream on Instagram to show off some games kids can play while staying home over the next few weeks. Everyone watching basically did a double take when Jamie pulled out his American Ninja Warrior Guess Who.

“Does your Ninja have a thing for corndogs?”

This game looks SO FUN. And it looks professional. We could definitely see this as something sold in stores.

We’re a little jealous we don’t have one of these! It looks like hours and hours of Ninja Warrior fun! Kudos to Jamie for his creativity and craft skills!