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8 Movies to inspire your young Ninja (and keep them from going stir crazy!)

Here are a few of the best action movies to inspire your little Ninja once gyms open back up again.

American Ninja Warrior Junior - Season 2 Photo by: Eddy Chen/Universal Kids

Parents, we see you. Doing your best to work from home while suddenly becoming a stay-at-home parent can be difficult. Whether you need a few minutes to yourself or want to spend time together as a family, we think it’s okay to plunk your kid down on the couch every once in awhile and watch a fun movie.

Here are a few of the best action movies to inspire your young Ninja once gyms open back up again.

Tarzan, G

Swinging from vines, running up logs—the King of the Jungle embodies what being a Ninja is all about! And some of the American Ninja Warrior obstacles look veeeeeery similar...

Spy Kids, PG

What kid hasn’t imagined themselves as a super secret spy? It’s funny, silly, and a great way to spend an hour-and-a-half.

The Lego Movie, PG

This is perfect if your kids are also into Legos, because it will likely inspire them to create their own situations after watching this. There’s plenty of action, villains, legendary voices, and an all-star voice cast (Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks).

How to Train Your Dragon, PG

Emphasizing brains over brawn, it’s based on the books of the same name. The Ninja tie-in? That completing obstacles is sometimes just as much about figuring out the best strategy as being able to physically complete it.

The Goonies, PG

There is some mild swearing and it might be a little scary for some kids, but this classic adventure movie is a must-see if it’s appropriate for your crew. There are pirates, a treasure hunt, stunts, and mental challenges that the group of outcasts must overcome to avoid the bad guys and various booby traps.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, PG-13

The whole point of being a stuntman (or woman) is that the audience can’t tell that someone is standing in for the actor or actress, but we’ll let you in on a little secret—our very own Flip Rodriguez does some of the stunts in this one! In the 4th Transformers film of the series, it introduces a new human cast and a ton of new robots, but you can still expect to see Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Brains, Leadfoot, and Megatron (also known as Galvatron).

Wonder Woman, PG-13

As many American Ninja Warrior fans know, Jessie Graff had to miss the Las Vegas National Finals in season 10 due to filming this one’s upcoming sequel. But before we can see Jessie in action, watch the Amazon princess Diana try to stop World War I.

X-Men: First Class, PG-13

Another credit for Jessie from 2011, this is the 5th X-men movie and set during the Cuban Missile Crisis on the 60s. It tells the origin stories of the X-Men and Brotherhood of the Mutants as they fight the Hellfire Club led by Sebastian Shaw, who is trying to take over the world.

What good kids’ movies have you seen lately?