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Ninja Warriors shared the very relatable advice they’d give to their younger selves

Here’s what they wish they had known.

David Becker/NBC

American Ninja Warriors are used to giving out advice and tips. Many of them coach other Ninjas. Many of them work with kids. Most of them are an inspiration to someone else. But we were wondering what advice they would give to someone very specific: A younger version of themselves.

We asked the Ninjas to share what they wish they could do back in time and tell themselves. The responses ranged from funny, thought-provoking, emotional, and in many cases, very relatable. We’ve included some of the replies below, but you can read all of them here.

Geoff Britten

“Hey lil Geoff, you should probably watch and apply for earlier seasons of American Ninja Warrior, they only get harder as time goes on!”

Joe Moravsky

David Becker/NBC

“The dream of being a professional athlete isn’t just a dream. Keep fighting for what you want, for what you LOVE.”

Najee Richardson

“Dear Younger Naj! Please take your injuries seriously and don’t neglect the rest and attention your body desperately needs.”

Daniel Gil

David Becker/NBC

“Dear young Daniel, practice your rope climbing.... and when you think you’ve practiced enough, climb another 100ft just to be sure, because you just never know.”

Jesse Labreck

Dennis Mong/NBC

“Don’t care so much about what other people think about you! Just be a good person and everything will work out.”

Dave Cavanagh

David Becker/NBC

“Dear young Dave, don’t waste all that time sulking and being angry at the world. It will only make you better in the long run. - Wiser Dave.”

Bootie Cothran

“Never stop playing!”

Morgan “The Moose” Wright

Quantrell Colbert/NBC

“Dear Mini-Moose: Pull-ups are Life, do more of those and less Atari.”

Tyler Smith

David Becker/NBC

“Eat more beef and go to bed at a decent time. Some day sleep will be much harder to come by. #Ninjadadlife”