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Step-by-step directions to build a Ninja Warrior Lego course

The Brick Ninja breaks down a five-day project.

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it. Taking part in social distancing and remaining at home while schools and businesses are closed is downright difficult. It’s an entirely new lifestyle for a lot of us and we miss the familiar things that were part of our daily routines.

This can be even harder for kids who are missing their friends and teachers, and who might be feeling a little anxious about the new environment we’re living in. Staying busy is very important. To that end, one Ninja has an idea.

Daniel Zipadelli is known as the Brick Ninja for his love of all things Lego and his custom builds. He’s created a series of videos, breaking down the steps to put together an American Ninja Warrior Lego course.

It looks like a fantastic and fun way to keep the kids busy (after the school work and physical exercise are done)! The course build is broken down over five different days and mini-projects.

Day One: Trampoline

Day Two: Balance Obstacles

Day Three: Rock Wall and Quintuple Steps

Day Four: Warped Wall

Day Five: Mini Ninja Warrior course

Let us know if you build these obstacles! We want to see them!