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Ninjas continue to train and support one another amid gym closures across the country

As always, the Ninjas persevere.

Matthew Hayward/NBC

The first two tapings of Ninja Warrior’s season 12 have been postponed. Ninja gyms across the country have been forced to close. What’s a Ninja to do?

It just so happens that the Ninjas themselves have the answer to that question! Per usual, the Ninjas are problem-solving their way through this situation, much like they problem-solve through the obstacles on the course; they’re thinking it through, getting creative with solutions, and sharing their ideas and resources abundantly.

“Gym closed, no problem,” says Lorin Ball, while bringing his own Ninja gear to a park in Colorado.

Da Cake Ninja, David Wright is doing an excellent job of uses the resources in his surroundings. If this was day #2, we’d love to see the progress he makes on this workout by day #10!

Meagan Martin is helping out all of her fellow athletes by creating and sharing HIT workout videos.

Michelle Warnky is sharing work-outs too – core strength is a must in the Ninja world.

It's still pretty weird to talk without actually talking to anyone, no back and forth, but hopefully it's enough to help encourage someone to get a core workout in today :)

Posted by Michelle Warnky on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Nick Hanson has plenty of experience with creating his own Ninja workouts, but yesterday he shared a workout that requires zero Ninja equipment. And it must be a good one - Nick has been doing a variation of this work-out every morning, ever since he starting Ninja training!

Oh, Ninja Natalie! We love your “Ninjantics”! They say that some of humanity’s best ideas and work has come during times of quarantine. If this is from day #3 of quarantine, we are looking forward to workout #10.

Chad Flexington shows us that you don’t need gym equipment to test your physical limits.

Rachael Goldstein and Real Life Ninja Academy in Windsor, Connecticut get the prize for most relevant workouts in these unprecedented times. Their work-out materials of choice are on point.

We know that these are not easy times for much of American Ninja Warrior Nation, but we are happy to see that the Ninjas are making the most of it.