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American Ninja Warrior Junior moves to Fridays at 6 pm

The schedule change starts Friday, March 20.

Eddy Chen/Universal Kids

Make sure you adjust your schedules accordingly! American Ninja Warrior Junior is moving to Friday evenings at 6pm, starting March 20. (That’s THIS Friday.) As usual, it airs on Universal Kids.

The show, which is now in its second season, did have a time slot of Saturday nights at 7pm. The March 20 episode will be the fifth episode of the season. Just last week, we saw the first quarterfinal, showing us the exciting new format that was adopted this year.

You can find recaps of all the previous episodes below.

If you missed any of this season’s episodes so far, you can watch them on the Universal Kids website. You will need to sign in with a service provider.

Pass the word along so no one misses the new episode this week!