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The Ninja Warrior community organizes live streams to entertain kids at home

We’re all in this together!

Pamela Price/Instagram

The Ninja Warrior community always has one another’s backs! The past few weeks have been a fairly nerve-wracking time, and the next few weeks look to be similar. For many people, schools in their areas are cancelled, leaving parents in a tough spot. Many still need to work from home. Many just need a second to slow down in this constantly-changing world.

That’s where the Ninjas come in. We put a call out for any Ninja Warriors who want to go live on social media to distract kiddos for a few minutes. We’re finalizing that schedule now.

However, the larger Ninja Warrior community eagerly raised their hand! So we’re introducing a “Ninja Warrior Community Live Stream Schedule.”

It’s a Google Doc where those that are interested can post the time, platform, and topic they can share online to keep those little ones busy for a bit.


  • Click on this link and enter a day and time that you can go live on a public social media account.
  • Be sure to include what platform you’ll be on, and any handle information.
  • Include the topic you’ll cover, or activity you’ll show off.
  • Remember that this is for kids! Please keep it appropriate and fun.
  • You CAN sign up for more than one time slot!
  • More than one person CAN sign up for each day/time. Just add your preferred day and time slot to the doc and we’ll organize it chronologically a few times a day.
  • Please do not use this to promote a product or business, or ask viewers to share personal information with you. We will remove your information from the document if we hear of this happening.
  • THANK YOU! This is such a fun, simple way to help parents out!


  • We love and trust the Ninja Warrior community, but you should always exercise caution and keep an eye on what the kids are viewing.
  • Please let us know if you have any concerns about the broadcasts on the document.
  • We’ll go in a few times a day and organize the entries by day and time, and clean up any expired information. Please be patient with us as we do this.

We absolutely cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with!