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American Ninja Warrior nominated for six 2020 Reality TV Awards

American Ninja Warrior Junior received two nominations.

The Reality TV Awards released their 2020 nominations and American Ninja Warrior’s name came up a lot! In total, the show is up for six different awards. American Ninja Warrior Junior is also up for two awards.

That means we have a lot of voting to do! Fans can vote for their favorite shows through May 8th. The Seventh Annual Reality TV Awards will take place on Sunday, May 31. You can vote more than once, so just go ahead and make it part of your morning routine.

American Ninja Warrior is nominated in six different categories.

  • Bad A** Production Crew
  • Competition Show
  • Creative Challenge
  • Feel Good Show
  • Reality TV Moment - Drew Drechsel’s $1 million win
  • Overall Show

American Ninja Warrior Junior is nominated in two different categories.

  • Kids Reality Series
  • New Show

American Ninja Warrior was nominated in four categories in 2019. It’s time for the crew to take home all the awards! Let’s get to voting!