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Ninja Kyle Soderman appears in Bon Jovi music video

He’s shining in more places than the Ninja course

NBC/Lara Solanki

Kyle Soderman has a date with the American Ninja Warrior course tomorrow night! He’ll be competing on the LA Qualifying course with Hunter Guerard, Lorin Ball, Tiana Webberley, and so many others, as they film the very first night of Season 12 on the Universal Studios backlot.

Although this will only be Kyle’s second appearance on American Ninja Warrior, the Ninja community has known Kyle as a skilled Ninja for much longer. Kyle first discovered a Ninja Gym about 5 years ago, and fell in love with the sport immediately. He began training consistently about 2 ½ years ago, and his results are stellar. He held his own when he was on ANW Ninja vs Ninja (2018) as part of the Lizard Kings team, and he came up just shy of a buzzer at the season 11 LA city qualifiers, when the Mega Wall got the best of him.

But what most of the Ninja community knows Kyle for is his success on Ninja courses outside the show. And that is what Kyle is most proud of too. However, Kyle is ready to show his skills in the spotlight. In fact, he recently got some experience in the spotlight, Bon Jovi style. Check out their new video. If you spot Kyle once, don’t stop watching – his face is all over this video.

Some say that Ninja Warriors are super heroes. We’d say this video supports that opinion! Will Kyle continue his superhero status on the Ninja course? He will get that answer tonight, but we, the fans, will have to patiently (or not so patiently) wait for the air date…

We’re dying to know…Kyle and Hunter Guerard had hopes of running against each other on the Power Tower last year, but the Mega Wall got in the way for Kyle.

Is this the year? He’s got some big names to contend with… We can’t wait to see who comes out on top!