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Akbar can’t wait to see ‘what else will they throw at me this year’

Whether it’s eating bugs or competing with Matt, Akbar is ready for it!

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American Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila is always up for a challenge and the show is always ready to hand him one. Calling runs late into the night, accepting dares from the athletes, Akbar is pretty much game for it all.

The taping of season 12 is almost upon us and we asked Akbar for the five things he’s looking forward to this year. His answers prove he’s ready to rock and roll once more!

1.) “If Drew can repeat. We’ve never had a repeat. Is it possible to have a repeat performance?? Cant wait to see what Drew brings out this year!”

David Becker/NBC

2.) “The Cinderella story. Every year there is a story where someone comes out of no where. I always love seeing who the unknown star is going to be of the season. Nothing like getting to root for the Cinderella story!”

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That Friday feelin’, am I right? #FriYay

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3.) “What crazy obstacle did they build this year. Those are always fun for me! (Hello, Angry Birds!)”

William Gray/NBC

4.) “There is a quiet competition between Matt and I around who is the best dressed each show. Looking forward to see who is the best dressed this year- obviously talking about me. Bring it, Matt!”

5.) “So last season… I was pecked by a penguin, had to eat a tarantula, eat a fried scorpion, I caught a wild salmon with my bare hands, had muck tuck ice cream with whale fat…. I guess you could say I’m excited (and scared!) to see what else will they throw at me this year.”

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