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Los Angeles region calls in a strong roster of Ninja Warriors

Here’s a handful of the competitors running the course in LA this year.

David Becker/NBC

Sometimes, a phone call can change your life. Just ask a Ninja Warrior.

This week, we announced that the casting calls for season 12 of American Ninja Warrior had kicked off. The calls go out by region, so the first location to be filmed gets the first round of calls. That means the Los Angeles Ninjas are tagging in. We’re already getting hyped up by the athletes who’ve taken to social media to announce their official return to the Universal Studios backlot in March!

Flip Rodriguez is returning for his TENTH year on the show!

A decade is a long time, but the OGs will join him in this region. Three of the Ninjas who’ve competed on every season of the show will step on the course for year 12.

Lorin Ball

Brian Kretsch

David Campbell

Alex Weber will return for his second season on the show following his gig as the host of “Crashing the Course.”

Best buddies Kyle Soderman and Hunter Guerard aim to take their friendship to the National Finals this year.

Jeri D’Aurelio is back in the saddle!

Nick Hanson is on his way down from Alaska.

They’ll be joined by many other returning, determined Ninjas, like Verdale Benson...

Troy Helming...

Derek Miyamoto...

...and Chad Flexington (AKA - Ben Udy).

We’re sure the casting team is still working on their calls, so don’t despair if your phone hasn’t rang yet. Know of any other Ninjas that got the call? Drop their names in the comments below! We can’t wait to see all these competitors on the course in just over a month.

PS - There’s a running list of Ninjas who got the call available over on Ninja Guide.Com. It’s a great source for all the names out there currently!