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Matt Iseman rallies the Ninja Warrior community for one young fan

Phoenix Ellis needs our support.

Nathan Congleton/NBC

Update: The following message was posted on the GoFundMe page for the “Phoenix Ellis Fund”: Today we rejoice that we have peace knowing Phoenix has been made whole and is in heaven preparing a place for his family.

American Ninja Warrior fans are certain of two things. 1) This is a community. 2) The biggest obstacles in life aren’t on the course.

Those thoughts came sharply into focus when host Matt Iseman took to social media to put out a call to arms for one young fan.

Matt shared that Phoenix Ellis, an 11-year-old fan in North Dakota, is in the fight of his life. He was hoping the Ninja Warrior community could show Phoenix some love as he and his family took on their journey.

Using the hashtag #PHXTheNinja, the community is answering the call. That includes those Ninja names we’re familiar with.

Some of the Ninjas shared their support on social media, while some are creating private messages for Phoenix.

Najee Richardson, the show’s Flying Phoenix, shared an emotional video.

Tim Saguinsin, the Papercut Ninja, created an amazing animation.

Sean Darling- Hammond, the Giving Ninja, and his adorable little boy sent their love.

The Bootie Bandwagon is rolling strong for Phoenix.

But you don’t have to be a huge name on the NBC show to share your support. The Ninja Warrior world is made up of so many families and friends who have life experiences, words of advice, and love to share. So if you’d like to send Phoenix Ellis a message, just use #PHXTheNinja on social media to join in.