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The D.C. roster fills out with more exciting Ninja names

The calls are coming in hot now!

Dennis Mong/NBC

As we mentioned earlier this week, the calls for the D.C. region of American Ninja Warrior have started! Joe Moravsky was one of the first to take to social media to confirm his return to the show. But then, it got kind of quiet. We’re not sure if casting took a break from making calls, or Ninjas just held the info to themselves for a little bit.

That’s all changed now. The flood of Ninjas sharing their good news has started and the D.C. region is getting really, really exciting. Below, you can find just a few of the returning Ninjas who’ve gotten the call. There’s a more complete list of names on NinjaGuide.Com.

It’s worth keeping in mind that two Qualifying segments will tape in D.C. That means we should expect to see more Ninjas than usually reporting to the Capitol. What we don’t know is how production will divvy up those competitors. Joe Moravsky and Flip Rodriguez could end up in the same Qualifying episode, for example.

First of all, we can’t say for sure this is confirmation of Drew Drechsel’s return to the show, but it’s a pretty big hint! (Korey Kade is Drew Drechsel’s and April Beckner’s son. Peter could be Peter Szeliga, one of the show’s casting producers...)

Flip Rodriguez (Who will compete in D.C. now, not Los Angeles)

Michelle Warnky

Rachael Goldstein (Who took last season off while pregnant with her daughter. Welcome back, Rachael!)

Kyle Shulze

Emily Durham

Lucio Battista

Anthony DeFranco

Casey Rothschild

Conor Galvin

Derek Mathews

Lucas Reale