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Tiana Webberley and Joe Moravsky are NNL 2020 World Champions

The National Ninja League held its fifth World Championship in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Joe Moravsky posted about his win on Instagram. Read about his experience here.
Joe Moravsky/Instagram

The National Ninja League held its fifth annual World Championships this past weekend, February 21-23, in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The NNL’s past adult champions have all appeared on American Ninja Warrior (or USA vs The World). They have either been a top competitor on the show, or quickly gone on to be a top competitor. Past champions include: Geoff Britten, Jesse Labreck, Drew Drechsel, Allyssa Beird, Olivia Vivian, and Adam Rayl.

The league has grown in a massive way over the past five years, now featuring multiple divisions and hundreds of qualifiers all over the country. This year thousands of total runs took place at the World Championships. Once again, the adult champions are familiar names. And keep an eye out on those names in the younger divisions. You never know when we’ll see them on the televised course!

Congratulations to the National Ninja League 2020 World Champions!

(You can find the full results here.)


  • Tiana Webberley (Mady Howard came in second place)
  • Joe Moravsky (Daniel Gil came in second place)


  • Joy Moore
  • Mike Brown

Young Adult

  • Olivia Colasuonno
  • Aidan Wood


  • Jordan Carr
  • Kaden Lebsack

Pre Teen

  • Corine Capriotti
  • Jackson Erdos

Mature Kids

  • Liesl Hetzel
  • Oliver Luttman


  • Aria Burgoyne
  • Brandon Avila