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What’s the Power Tower match up of your dreams?

What if the regions we’re used to don’t matter this season...

Lara Solanki/NBC

We just had a thought.

With American’s Ninja Warrior’s new taping format this season, more Ninjas than ever will be at each Qualifying location. There will be two Qualifying “regions” taped in both Washington, D.C., and St. Louis, MO. But then you think about it... What would stop production from mixing up the batch of competitors we’re used to seeing in each pool?

For example, we’re going to assume most of the East Coast Ninjas are heading to D.C. But that would mean they COULD mix the Ninjas we’re used to seeing in the most southeast taping location with the Ninjas we usually see in the northeast taping cities.

That would mean Drew Drechsel could aim to qualify on the same course as Joe Moravsky. Jesse Labreck could run with Ryan Stratis.

(Before you get all excited, we’re just using hypothetical examples. We don’t know who’s gotten the call for season 12 yet!)

Now, we’re extremely hopeful that they’d all move through Qualifiers and into the Finals. It’s not Ninja against Ninja in that sense.


It does mean we could see some Power Tower races that were not previously possible. Remember that the fastest two Ninjas in each region meet on the Power Tower to race for the Speed Pass in Qualifiers and the Safety Pass in Finals.

Whoa. The realization has us feeling a bit like this.

It’s pretty darn fun to think about!

Which two Ninjas would you love to see go head-to-head on the Power Tower in season 12?

Go wild. Pretend the regions don’t matter at all. Which race would go down in history as the most epic? Jump to the comments and let us know!