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What terms would you put in the American Ninja Warrior glossary?

What do you find yourself explaining to other people about the show?

David Becker/NBC

Every American Ninja Warrior fan had to start somewhere. We all remember those first few episodes that had us fascinated and hooked, ready for more. But there is a learning curve to watching American Ninja Warrior. At first, you’re not quite sure what the difference is between a Qualifier and a City Final. Why is Vegas such a big deal? And why the HECK did that Ninja get disqualified for having his shirt touch the water?

As avid fans, these terms become second nature to us. We toss them around in conversations until someone looks at us all confused and we remember that not everyone speaks Ninja Warrior.

That got us thinking there should be a handy glossary of American Ninja Warrior terms. Something we can link our friends to when we just can’t be interrupted in the middle of an episode to explain something.

We definitely want your input on this.

What terms would you include in the American Ninja Warrior glossary?

Let’s keep it to terms and not competitor names. THAT would be a whole other kind of project.

Leave your words in the comments below and we’ll start building this out!