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Armchair Ninja Podcast comes to a close, leaving a library of great episodes behind

We’re going to miss this fan podcast big time.

On Sunday evening, the Armchair Ninja Podcast announced that it’s the end of an era.

The podcast, which started in 2015 and features a whooping 250 episodes, has come to an end. The hosts, Rich and Bijan, have spent countless hours analyzing the episodes, the obstacles, the spinoffs, and the local competitions and leagues. They cite changes in their lives as the reason for the transition.

Over the course of their run, it seems like every Ninja has stopped by the podcast at some point. Rich and Bijan have broken news in the Ninja world and provided thoughtful and candid insight and commentary. Bijan even made it on the show, running the course in Los Angeles back in 2018.

The podcast was true example of the American Ninja Warrior fan community. The time, depth, and dedication it takes to do something like this speaks to how much the fans care about this show and sport behind it.

Personally, I’d like to thank Rich and Bijan for warmly welcoming me to the Ninja Warrior world when American Ninja Warrior Nation started back in season eight. The Armchair Ninja podcast has been a source of inspiration for me on many occasions, and I was even lucky enough to be on one of their episodes.

Please join me in thanking Rich and Bijan for creating such a great addition to the Ninja Warrior conversation!

The Armchair Ninja episodes will stay up, so binge ‘em!