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‘Will and Grace’ wants Jack on American Ninja Warrior and we can see it

He showed off some potential!

Chris Haston/NBC

Celebrity American Ninja Warrior used to be a real thing and frankly, we miss it. For two years, it was a special episode created for Red Nose Day and it was a blast.

No, the celebrities weren’t SUPER prepared for the course, but they went out there and had fun for a good cause. It was always surprising to see who did have some hidden obstacle skills.

NBC sitcom “Will & Grace” recently took to Twitter to nominate one of their characters/stars for the course. Check out Sean Hayes as Jack McFarland, demolishing some living room obstacles.

Honestly, he basically has all the moves down to complete the opening obstacle of the Qualifying course, the Shrinking Steps. That obstacle takes out more competitors than you’d think.

We all know enthusiasm is a big part of success on the course. Sean/Jack have that in spades.

We’re going to dream of the day Celebrity Ninja Warrior returns, and we’d welcome seeing more of Sean Hayes on the course!