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What changes do you expect from the new season of American Ninja Warrior?

Take a guess before taping starts in one month.

Brett Deering/NBC

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior is coming into view! The first Qualifying region, Los Angeles, will be recorded on March 13 and 14. That’s one month away (from the publication of this article).

With the season heating up, we can’t stop wondering about all the new elements we might see. In Season 11, Ninja Warrior made huge changes by introducing the Power Tower, ushering in the Speed Passes and Safety Passes that helped shape the season.

What changes will season 12 hold?

New obstacles, for sure. But what about new rules?

We know a few Ninjas who are under the age of 19 are getting special invitations to the show. We’ll bring you more, official, info on that as soon as we can! That will certainly shake things up.

We know things are different in the taping schedule. But once the show is on the air, we doubt we’ll feel the effects of that change very much.

Tell us in the comments: If you had to take a guess, what changes would you expect this year?

Get your guesses in now, before taping starts in a month and the online community starts buzzing with whatever we spot on set!