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My abs hurt just watching Jesse Labreck pull off this “fun” exercise

Well, that’s one way to celebrate a birthday.

Ninjas. They can make anything more painful than it needs to be! But hey, at least they have a good time doing it.

Check out Jesse Labreck working on a core exercise to “celebrate” her 30th birthday. (Happy belated birthday, Jesse!) She makes it fun by adding in the additional element of keeping a ball in play.

Maybe it’s because core exercises are always evil. Maybe it’s because I had a baby a few months back and EVERYTHING is now harder than it used to be. But just watching the video gives me that ab-burning, can’t-laugh-the-next-day-because-it-hurts feeling.

Look at her, all smiling and having fun.

Then Erica Cook when ahead and added another ball to the mix. Maybe the mental exercise distracts them from the pain.

This is like a large, full body version of a handheld dexterity puzzle. Remember those? I always got them in birthday party gift bags as a kid. You had to tilt the little puzzle around to try and get the teeny tiny balls in the teeny tiny holes.

Would you give this exercise a try? If you’ve tried it, how long could you keep the ball balanced?