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American Ninja Warrior is the most love-filled show on TV

It’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day programming.

David Becker/NBC

With Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, love is on the mind, and certainly on TV. Networks and shows are busting out their best Valentine’s Day programming.

We’d like to argue, that, without trying, American Ninja Warrior is the most love-filled show on TV. It’s got more heart than “The Bachelor,” and more Aww-inducing moments than “This is Us.”

Allow us to demonstrate.

First, we have your romantic love. This ABOUNDS on American Ninja Warrior. Every year, Ninjas climb off the course and down to their partners, where they drop to one knee and propose. (Sometimes, it’s the other way around and their partner proposed to THEM after their run.)

(One year, a crew member proposed to their partner on set after a fairly elaborate plan. Then, the ring was dropped in a pool on the course. There was collective screaming. The ring was recovered.)

Who didn’t feel a few heart pitter-patters when Drew Drechsel got to celebrate his $1 million win with his girlfriend, April, while she was carrying their son, Korey?

David Becker/NBC

Jesse Labreck and Chris DiGangi care more about each other’s buzzers than their own. Both will weep with joy at that other’s success.

But that’s not all! American Ninja Warrior is absolutely brimming with ALL kinds of love! Just think about Karsten Williams’ mom, Linda, beaming (and screaming) with pride whenever her baby boy is on the course.

Allyssa Beird’s dad, Michael, absolutely glows whenever he see his daughter living her dreams. He makes sure social media knows about it too! (We see you out there on Twitter, Michael!)

So many friendships packed with so much love. We can’t even think of a place to start when it comes to pointing out the love between competitors on and off the course.

This is just the tip of the love-iceberg! The show has it all. Stories of love that make you cry, that inspire you, that stick with you, that demonstrate love in all its forms.

There’s even cute puppies, rounding out all the elements needed for excellent Valentine’s Day programming.

We stand behind our statement. Just try to tell us there’s another show out there with more love than American Ninja Warrior.