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Parents, how did your little Ninjas get started?

What’s the first step to becoming a Ninja Warrior?

David Becker/NBC

For many families with school-age kids, February break or spring break is quickly approaching. The onslaught of extra time can be a little daunting. How the heck are you going to keep them entertained? It’s a perfect time to nudge kids to turn their American Ninja Warrior interest into a full-blown, physically active hobby.

Trying something new can be intimidating. Especially when it’s something that tests their determination to work on skills that don’t come instantly. We have a few ideas about how to help your little one make the leap.

But we’d also like to hear from those with experience.

Parents who have avid little Ninjas in their families, how did your kids get started? How do you help them stay motivated when they feel frustrated? How do you encourage them to keep going?

Here are our ideas to get things going!

Let them see kids their own age in action

Watching an adult on American Ninja Warrior can leave a kid in awe. It’s something to aspire to... in years to come. Seeing kids their own age can enforce the message that they can be their own heroes right NOW. American Ninja Warrior Junior debuts its second season on Saturday, February 22 at 7pm on Universal Kids.

Plan a course or obstacle together

Get their imaginations going by tasking them with creating their own course or obstacle. Draw it out. Build it with popsicle sticks. Mold it from clay. Then work together to see if you can create a mock real version. Maybe a couch cushion can become a Floating Step.

Young minds have some of the best ideas! 11-year-old Tyler Rizzo designed the Barrel Roll that appeared on the course in Seattle/Tacoma and won his family a trip to the National Finals in Las Vegas.

Find a local way to play

Find out if there are any Ninja gyms in your area. Maybe your child can try out just one class to see if they like it. Maybe then can observe to see other kids in action. NinjaGuide.Com has a good list of gym locations.

If there’s nothing Ninja Warrior specific in your area, look around for trampoline parks. Many of them are starting to add Ninja Warrior-esque areas to their facilities to meet the rising demand.

Watch a local competition

We can hardly keep up with the amount of leagues and competitions taking shape all over the place. As the sport grows, there are more and more opportunities to catch the stars of the show, and the rising stars, on a course near you. Kids can get energized by watching the action, and then maybe have the chance to approach their favorite competitors after the runs.

NinjaGuide.Com also has a handy calendar of competitions.

Join in on the good times

Why let the kids have all the fun? You’ll never quite understand their hesitations around trying a new task unless you’re willing to try it yourself. Get your hands on an obstacle. After mom or dad clears the way, nothing can stop your little Ninja.

David Becker/NBC

Those are our ideas. We’d love to hear from parents about how their kids took the first step from watching American Ninja Warrior to becoming a Ninja Warrior. Share your stories in the comments below!