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Even veteran Ninja Warriors take part in application season

They want another shot but first, they have to apply.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

We say this every year, but it’s worth repeating. Everyone who wants a chance to run the American Ninja Warrior course has to fill out an application every single year.

Every. Single. Time.

That means that for a short time each year, rookies and veterans alike are in the same boat. They’re getting training clips together, looking back at their year for interesting updates, and attempting to make the submission deadline.

American Ninja Warrior is now taking applications for season 13 and the window to apply closes on Monday. December 14. Some of the biggest names on the show are hard at work on their personal applications. Are you hemming and hawing on your submission? Take heart, you’re in good company, but it’s time to hit “submit” on that sucker!

Jamie Rahn teased that he worked on something special for his application video.

And in an inspiring display of follow through, he submitted it too!

Flip Rodriguez is hosting a premiere party for his application video.

Sandy Zimmerman, a P.E. teacher, knows better than to turn in her homework late.

Ryan Stratis, who sat out season 12, applied... we think? Oh, stop acting like you don’t know ANW like the back of your hand, Ryan.

Tyler Gillett threw his name back in the mix.

Tiana Webberley made a casual mention of season 13 in the caption of this video. #MoreBuzzersForTiana2021

Now, we’re stretching a bit here, but we’re taking the comments on our Instagram post to mean that Brian Kretsch is THIS close to finishing his application, and that Jeri D’Aurelio might cut it close, but she’s getting it together. :) (Yes, we’re aware that we’re putting some gentle pressure on them by typing this.)

So there you have it. If these Ninjas can do it, SO CAN YOU. Submissions for season 13 close on December 14.