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Four Ninja Warrior podcasts you should check out

Reader recommended and worth the listen!


Passing the time between American Ninja Warrior seasons is a challenge. There are no more weekly episodes. No more weekly video clips and photos to analyze. It’s the “dry season.” Hopefully, it won’t last long. The show is currently casting for season 13 and is eyeing the possibility of taping the Qualifiers as early as March.

In the meantime, we asked our dear readers to share the Ninja Warrior-themed podcasts they’re listening to as a way to keep the Ninja content coming! The results are included below. We have four really compelling podcasts, each with a distinct perspective on either the TV show or the sport and community as a whole.

Listen in!

Armchair Ninja Podcast

This staple of the American Ninja Warrior-world has returned! Back in February, Rich and Bijan (the masterminds and hosts of the podcast) announced they were retiring their show. But heck, it’s 2020 and we all need good things where we can find them. So when American Ninja Warrior returned for season 12, the guys saddled back up to cover the episodes in a more casual manner than previous. It’s expert commentary from very invested fans.

The Ninjababes Podcast

This podcast isn’t specific to the show, but it’s a service to the greater Ninja Warrior community that shouldn’t be missed. Cara Poalillo, the founder of Ninjababes. deeply explores thoughtful subjects with expert guests. She has the big name Ninjas too, like the recent discussion she had with Jesse Labreck. This podcast is focused on building a stronger Ninja Warrior community now and for the future.

The Way of the Ninja

Australian Ninja Warrior competitor Kadeem Aarons hosts and produces this podcast, which crosses the international boundaries of the two shows. What’s the show about? He explains it like this, “My goal with this podcast is to bring you valuable insights from the best Ninja Warriors on the planet on how to be the best physically & mentally, on and off the course.” Kadeem’s recent guests include Najee Richardson, Nick Hanson, and even American Ninja Warrior host Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Ninjaverse Podcast

Anthony DeFranco, Mike Ravert, and Jordan Thurston set out to give a more local angle to the Ninja Warrior podcast world. “Our goal is to help and inspire others to rethink how and why we train in the ways we do. Join us to improve your skills and gain confidence on the course!” Their episodes go over the technical aspects of training and digesting local competition results.