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These Ninjas inspire others with their social media shares

We asked who inspires you on social media. Here are the answers!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Recently we asked you, the readers, to share which Ninjas you follow on social media for daily motivation. Now, we know that ALL the competitors on American Ninja Warrior are inspirational, but we wanted to know more about who really jumps out to you. Below, we’ve listed the names that were shared (in no particular order) as well as the reason that was given. (Not all the Ninjas have a reason listed. That means someone submitted the name, but didn’t offer additional details.)

We love this list! Who would you add to it? Tell us in the comments.

Jake Murray

“I would say I am always entertained by my bro Jake Murray.”

Lucas Reale

“Lucas Reale inspiring ninja and coach.”

Kyle Schulze

“Kyle Schulze is an incredible inspiration!!! He is one of the most kind, encouraging, and dedicated people I’ve met. He is a remarkable role model for not only the deaf community, but also for the hearing community and ninja community. His strength, inside and out, is astonishing! He also has a huge heart!”

Roo Yori

“Roo yori is the main one I follow since he is passionate about dog adoption and is a local ninja for me so makes him easy to root for.”

Ethan Swanson

“Ethan Swanson...just an amazing human.”

Jessie Graff

“Jessie Graff, just truly inspiring human.”

“Jessie and Lance are my faves as they just seem to down to earth and I enjoy reading about their adventures.”

Lance Pekus

Jimmy Choi

“Jimmy Choi - Fox Ninja is a huge inspiration. He’s an incredible person, and the way he pushes the limits to break records, inspires others to move, and encourages others to help fund research for Parkinson’s is amazing!! He’s also kind, funny, and supportive!”

Taylor Johnson

“Definitely Taylor Johnson! She inspires me every day with her posts and determination.”

“Absolutely Taylor Marie! There is never a moment that Taylor is spreading anything but positivity on her social media. Her perseverance and determination to succeed in what she does is beyond inspiring. She pushes me to be the best version of myself every day.”

Joe Capo

“Joe Capo has some great course runs and new movements on his Instagram. It’s always great to see the innovation in training.”

Meagan Martin

Grant McCartney

Nate Hansen

Joe Moravsky

Nate Burkhalter

“Nathan Burkhalter drops some deeply heartfelt and inspiring stuff.”

Samer Delgado

“Samer Delgado always posts things that make us think and I always enjoy when Adam Rayl drops some beats.”

Adam Rayl