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We answered your Ninja Warrior application questions

You asked. We answered.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Ready to be an American Ninja Warrior? Now’s your time! Season 13 casting is well-underway and we don’t want anyone to miss out because they feel intimidated by the application process. Recently, we asked the readers to share their questions regarding getting on the show. Below, you’ll find some answers!

We only took questions on the application process. We did not address the questions regarding season 13’s format, because, well, we’re not psychic and can’t tell you what the next few months will bring. We will say the producers have a plan. They’ll announce it when they’re ready.

Anything you else you want to ask? Hit up the comment section below!

How can I apply?

That’s an easy one! Head to ANWCasting.Com and start your application. You should get started right now because the submission period closes on Monday, December 14. The application will take awhile. It consists of a questionnaire and you do need to create a video where you share your personality and show off your Ninja skills.

Do you need to have a story?

The short answer to this is yes, you need to have a story. But also, don’t worry, you DO have one.

We read a LOT of chatter online regarding the backstories of the competitors. Some hold on to the idea that unless you have a big, dramatic story to tell, you’re not in the running. You’re a human, not a robot. We can guarantee there’s something about you that makes you special.

Take this advice from Angelou Deign, head of A.Deign and Co, the company which handles casting for the show.

“We’ve seen so many of these people, and they’re all great, but what makes you unique? Are you a volunteer firefighter? Do you do charity work? Are you an artist on the side? Something that makes you stand out. You can’t have a show where there’s 100 personal trainers, one after the other after the other. You have to have something else going for you.

We need to hear and see that as well. If you’re talking about your passion, show photos in the video. Zoom in on photos. Whether it’s your family that makes you unique. It may not be some other job or passion. It may be your family dynamic or something of that sort. Whatever it is that makes your special.

If you don’t know what makes you special, have somebody tell you before you make your video. We all know those one or two stories that get our friends laughing. Something unique about us that we share with our friends. Something that when we want someone to get to know us that we wind up telling them. A story that we’ve told over and over again. That’s probably the one we [casting] need to hear or see.”

What do you do if someone is not able to do a certain skill? Is this a deal breaker?

Don’t let doubt hold you back! Think of it this way, the percentage of Ninjas who possess every single skill needed to beat every obstacle on the course is incredibly small. We also took this question to an executive producer on the show. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’d say nothing is a deal breaker. If someone, for example, can’t get up a Warped Wall, that’s okay. They could still have an amazing run to that point, and maybe even advance to the next round. And you never know what obstacles are going to be on a particular course. The course they run may not have that particular ‘skill’ they don’t have.”

How many Ninjas are they planning on taking next year? Is it closer to the 500-600 of previous seasons or 150 of last season.

All things are subject to change in this incredibly unpredictable world. With that said, the producers are planning to open up the field for season 13. They might not make it back to the 500-600 competitors we’ve had in previous seasons, but they are aiming to have more than the 150 Ninjas who were invited for season 12.

What are the top suggestions for a first time applicant?

Great question and we’ve got SO MUCH info for you! Read the whole interview with Angelou Deign here. We’ve included some bullet pointed suggestions below as well. You should also check out this article which includes Nate Hansen’s rookie application video for season 12. He knocked it out of the part and it’s a great example of how to make a strong first impression.

Remember, time is quickly running out to apply to season 13. Hop over to the casting site and start your application ASAP!