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Season 12’s top 5 most shocking moments

These are the runs that left you gobsmacked.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

As the year winds to its final conclusion, it’s only fitting to take one more look back at season 12 of American Ninja Warrior. It was a season like no other, created in the midst of the pandemic which forced several changes to its usual format.

With that in mind, we asked you to share which moments from the season shocked you the most. After getting your thoughts and conducting a poll, we’re now here, with season 12’s top five most shocking moments!

1 - Joe Moravsky’s Finals fall

Veteran competitor Joe Moravsky was a favorite to make the top eight for the season, if not go the whole way. His dominating runs in the Qualifiers and the Semi-Finals looked to set up a home run of a season. That meant everyone was in for a surprise when a fall on Slam Dunk in the Finals slammed the door on the top eight.

2 - Jessie Graff’s Finals fall

Jessie Graff has achieved legend status on American Ninja Warrior. Great things are expected from her whenever she steps on the course. In season 12, she was chasing the goal of the 10-obstacle course buzzer. After completing the Qualifying course and making a strong run in the Semi-Finals, she had a second chance to complete an extended course in the Finals. But she was brought up short by the Falling Shelves, which actually resulted in a shoulder injury that required surgery.

3 - Amir Malik beating Jake Murray in the Power Tower playoffs

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Jake Murray was the veteran competitor who had taken the top completion time in every round of competition. Amir Malik was the light-hearted rookie who edged himself into the top eight with surprisingly impressive runs. When it came to do battle, Amir hurled himself up the steps of the Power Tower with such ferocity that Jake was actually distracted for a moment, allowing the rookie to shake up expectations of the final races.

4 - Mathis “Kid” Owhadi’s Semi-Finals fall

This shock came both from who it was and what happened. Mathis is, of course, a strong competitor who was expected to do well. But no one was ready for the Corkscrew. The season 11 Obstacle Design Challenge winner came out of left field with twists and drops like never before. Mathis’ fall set the Ninjas and the viewers on their heels. This was not an obstacle to underestimate.

5 - TIE

Michelle Warnky’s Qualifiers fall

Michelle was coming off her best season ever with her Cincinnati City Finals completion in season 11. With all her experience, she was expected to remain in the running of season 12 for quite some time. Which is why it was so hard to see her leave early in the Qualifiers.

Tyler Gillett’s Finals fall

Tyler had an incredibly emotional season, running the course for his cousin Bill who was facing pancreatic cancer. He put up some of the most confident and successful runs we’ve seen from him. In true American Ninja Warrior fashion, the course reminded us that nothing is certain when Tyler fell on just the second obstacle of the Finals course.

There we have it! Your top five most shocking moments from season 12. Now, goodbye 2020 and hello 2021 and season 13!