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Which Ninja Warrior podcasts are you listening to lately?

Who’s on your playlist?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

In the past, we’ve done round ups of the Ninja Warrior-themed podcasts that have caught our attention. You’re probably sick of hearing our opinions. So let’s get your thoughts instead!

Which Ninja Warrior-themed podcasts are on your playlist?

There wasn’t an official American Ninja Warrior podcast (this year), but we know there’s a ton of quality content out there. The field has changed a lot as well. We know some podcasts have retired and others have sprung to life. Give us your recommendations and we’ll give shoutouts in an upcoming article. Be sure to tell us WHY you like the podcast, as well as the name of it.

“Ninja Warrior-themed” is a vague term. It could be about the show. It could be about the sport in general. Maybe it’s about the Ninja Warrior community. We’re open to your interpretation of that!

Jump down to the comments and let us know which Ninja Warrior-esque podcasts are your favorites and why!