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All of season 12’s episodes, ranked by fan votes

Your votes decided the most popular episodes of the season.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

The fans have spoken. We asked you to rank your favorite episodes from season 12 and here is the list! Although the episodes are ranked using the votes, it’s kind of like picking a favorite chocolate. You like them all, you just like some a little more.

If you click on the title of each episode, it will bring you to the full episode on NBC.Com. However, you do need to sign in with a cable provider to watch it there. You can also sign up for a free Peacock account to watch episodes from season 12.

It makes sense that your votes put the season finale on top. It included the Power Tower playoffs and the reveal of the season winner. Coming in at seventh place (there was a tie for fourth place) was the premiere episode. We thought that would have come up a little higher on the list!

Here’s the full ranking.

1- Episode eight - Season finale

2- Episode seven - Night one of Finals

3- Episode five - Night one of Semi-Finals

4- Tied - Episodes three and four - Nights three and four of the Qualifiers

5- Episode two - Night two of Qualifiers

6- Night two of Semi-Finals

7- Episode one - Night one of Qualifiers