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Tell us what kind of American Ninja Warrior special you would create

The upcoming family competition has us wondering what else is possible.

David Becker/NBC

As 2020 quickly moves towards its conclusion (finally), it’s time to look to the future. We’re excitedly awaiting a new season of American Ninja Warrior. The application period for the regular season is now closed and we’re expecting to hear of people getting those life-changing casting phone calls in the coming weeks of the new year. We’re also expecting to hear more about an upcoming new special competition.

The specials are generally recorded along with the regular season. With all the Ninjas and all the crew in one place, why not have a little fun? Over the years, these specials have come in the form of USA vs The World, and the All-Stars Skills and Team competitions. In 2021, the production team plans to expand the Ninja Warrior universe with the brand new family competition.

The idea that the show can break out of its usual format and try something new opens up all kinds of ideas. So we’re wondering, what type of special American Ninja Warrior competition would you want to see?

The specials have allowed for accomplishments we wouldn’t have seen in regular competition. Jessie Graff and Jesse Labreck both hit the buzzer on Stage Two of the National Finals thanks to USA vs The World. The All-Stars team competition allowed Ryan Stratis, Michelle Warnky, and Karsten Williams to come together and defeat Stage Three. Who knows what we’ll see in the new family competition.

In your own Ninja Warrior world, what competition would you want to see and who would take part in it? Jump down to the comment section and give us your ideas!