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Just imagine if we could see these Ninja teams on the family competition

Isn’t the Ninja community one big family anyway?

Ethan Swanson/Instagram

A drum of excitement arrived along with the announcement that American Ninja Warrior is currently casting for its first family competition.

What we know at the moment is that it will be a relay-style competition, where each team member needs to attempt to complete two obstacles. That will be followed by a Power Tower relay for the top teams.

In the casting process, producers have specified that the teams must have at least one woman and one teenager between the ages of 15 and 19-years-old. But the relationship between the team members is flexible. It doesn’t have to be parents and their child. It can be cousins, aunts and uncles, siblings, etc.

With that in mind, some of the top American Ninja Warrior competitors have jumped into the comment section to share some hidden family-connections. Can you imagine what this competition would be like if we actually saw these combos? We mean, we always think of the American Ninja Warrior community as one big family...

Ethan Swanson would like to be the benevolent patriarch of a robust Ninja Warrior family. Ryan Stratis’ “Hi Dad!” kills us every time we read it.

Jake Murry’s name came up quite a few times. Who wouldn’t want to be related to arguably the fastest Ninja of season 12?

Who’s “Uncle Tony”? Who’s “Mick”? We’re sure it’s a highly hilarious inside joke that we’ll just have to wonder about.

Okay, people REALLY want to be related to Jake Murray.

Jesse Labreck is related to Daniel Gil and Mathis “Kid” Owhadi? Well, that doesn’t seem fair to the other teams...

While these all-star Ninja Warrior family combinations might not be possible, we can’t wait to see who does take part in the competition. Please be sure to apply right away! The producers will start picking teams right after the new year.