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We have new details on the family special’s format

The relay-style competition will include a trip to the Power Tower.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Recently, we shared the news that American Ninja Warrior plans to host its first-ever family competition. Details on the format of the special are a tad light, but we now can reveal a few new aspects!

The producers are currently taking submissions from family teams of three competitors. Each team must have at least one teenager between 15 and 19-years-old and at least one woman. We know the special’s format will include a relay-style competition.

Here’s what we can now also confirm.

The Qualifying course will consist of six obstacles and each team member will need to attempt to complete two obstacles.

The top families will then move on to a Power Tower relay! So, if you want your family to take part in this, make sure no one has a fear of heights...

In order to be on the family special, you need to apply RIGHT NOW. The producers plan to start selecting teams right away in the new year, which is coming up very quickly. To apply, you’ll use the same application that’s used for the regular season. On the written form, when it asks for ‘submitting with,’ add in the names and information of your other teammates. Then send in a video showcasing your family Ninja skills!