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It’s always Ninja Warrior season with this 2021 calendar

Profits from the calendar go to Project Fit America.

Jamie Rahn/The Art of Ninjas/Instagram

BYE BYE, 2020. Oh, it feels good to say that. We’re deep into the holidays now and the remaining days of 2020 are slipping away. We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who cannot wait to rip open their 2021 calendars and look ahead to a new year.

The Ninjas are certainly on the same page. They’ve created the perfect tool to help us all move forward. It’s a calendar with fantastic artwork from @The_Art_of_Ninjas that helps a great cause.

12 American Ninja Warrior competitors have banded together, along with Juan Carlos Espinosa, who is the artist behind the Art of Ninjas Instagram account. All the profits from the calendar will go to Project Fit America, an organization that “that creates and administers exemplary fitness in education programming in elementary and middle schools.”

The calendar is only available in limited runs and can be purchased through Nick Hanson’s website. Keep scrolling for a look at all 12 of the calendar Ninjas! 2021 is already looking better.

January - Nick Hanson

February - Barclay Stockett

March - Jake Murray

April - Jamie Rahn

May - Jesse Labreck

June - Daniel Gil

July - Grant McCartney

August - Najee Richardson

September - Meagan Martin

The Art of Ninja/Instagram

October - Lance Pekus

November - Joe Moravsky

December - Ethan Swanson