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How close was the race between Daniel Gil and Austin Gray? THIS close.

Their championship race should be watched in slow motion to be properly appreciated.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

All of American Ninja Warrior season 12’s action came down to one 30-second race. Daniel Gil and Austin Gray were the last two standing in the Power Tower playoffs, setting themselves up for a thrilling championship race. It was such a tight race. The leads changed so many times. Basically, it all happened so darn fast!

We decided to revisit that final race and break it down second by second. We know it ends with Daniel Gil becoming the champion but you should see how much happened before he got to the buzzer!

Let’s start at the... start. This was anyone’s race.

Austin started to edge ahead on the third giant step.

At the top of the platform, he had a good amount of distance between him and Daniel.

Daniel made up time while dropping down the pole, and things were even again on the first Cliffhanger panel.

Daniel and Austin started the second Cliffhanger panel in a tie.

Both reached for the climbing pole at the same moment.

A tiny difference started here when Daniel put his hand on the first dropping shelf ahead of Austin.

But then, look at this. Austin gets to the second dropping shelf first.

Then Daniel goes for broke and jumps forward while Austin is swinging back, getting Daniel to the third shelf first.

This gave him enough space to get to the final shelf.

Austin got there as well and it all came down to this specific second. Austin was still swaying forward with the momentum from his last jump. Daniel was on his backswing, gathering the force to jump.

That positioning allowed him to toss himself to the platform as Austin completed his jump.

Austin was RIGHT behind Daniel at the finish line.

And the whole thing was over in just 30 seconds!

Look at this face. That is a, “Crap, THAT was close!” face.

Are they hugging or holding one another up out of exhaustion?

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Congratulations to both of them! That was a hard-fought battle!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC