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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is almost here and it’s a shining moment for Jessie Graff

Congratulations, Jessie! We’re so darn happy for you!

Jessie Graff/Instagram

After years of work and waiting, a huge moment for American Ninja Warrior Jessie Graff has arrived! We’ll finally get to see her work as a professional stunt person in the latest Wonder Woman film this week.

To provide a little context, I’m going to write the next passage of this article from my personal perspective (Hi. Nikki. Editor around here).

Jessie has always been incredibly kind to me and has always been willing to take the time to do an interview or even just chat and catch up on life. That’s why I remember with such utter distinction, the first and only moment Jessie Graff told me she wasn’t going to talk about something.

It was in Miami, prior to the season 10 Qualifiers in that city. As I turned on the recorder, I casually asked Jessie what she had been up to lately. The hesitation before she answered me made me look up at her. Stone-faced, Jessie told me she can’t and won’t talk about what she has been up to lately (in the nicest way, of course). As you can read in the article of that interview, Jessie revealed she was working on something BIG, but that was all the detail I would be getting.

After our talk, Jessie completed the Qualifying course and then placed fifth overall in the Miami City Finals. Cleared for the National Finals, everyone was excited to see what she would do next. Except... She wasn’t there. At least at that point, she was able to tell us all that she was busy with her dream job, as a professional stunt person on Wonder Woman 1984.

Finally, we’ll get to see Jessie’s hard work in action! Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on December 25 in theaters and on HBO Max.

Can you imagine how exciting this must be for Jessie? The film is a result of being away from her home for almost a full year, giving up the National Finals, and pushing herself in whole new ways to be a part of this monumental movie.

Jessie actually gave us all a little sneak peek from the movie when she ran the season 12 Qualifying course in this outfit.

Which, as it turns out, was inspired by one of her Wonder Woman costumes.

Now, with the release of the film just days away, we’re able to see more of Jessie’s work! Check out this image she shared of her preparing to film a stunt sequence. (Jessie is fourth from the left.)

You can see more of that scene in the opening minutes of the movie!

Jessie shared on Instagram that she’s had the opportunity to see the full movie and that it made her cry. We can totally relate! Just thinking about how thrilling this moment must be for her makes US cry!

Congratulations, Jessie Graff! We can’t wait to watch Wonder Woman 1984 and celebrate your hard work!