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These are the top 5 most watched Ninja Warrior videos on YouTube

Jessie Graff has three of the top five spots.

We took a break from playing season 12 videos on repeat to take a bit of a deeper dive in American Ninja Warrior’s official YouTube account. Out of curiosity, we wanted to know which videos in the archive had the most views. We were both surprised and not surprised by the results. Here we go!

(Yes, these are views from JUST the official YouTube account. We are aware that results might be different if we factored in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram views. We’re also aware that for a time, there were two official YouTube accounts. But that was in the past. We’re moving on, people.)

1 - Marshmello runs Stage One

  • 35 million views

We’re going to be honest that we actually forgot about this one. In one of Ninja Warrior’s annual “guest” runs, DJ Marshmello took on Stage One of the Las Vegas National Finals. And he completed it! We mean, we think he did... With the mask and all, who can be 100% sure? Marshmello fans must be a hardcore group because their views bumped this video to the top of the pack.

2 - Jessie Graff at the season eight Los Angeles City Finals

  • 25 million views

While we weren’t surprised to see Jessie’s name on the list, we were a little surprised that this was the top video. Generally, her Stage One run is the better known accomplishment. We are happy to see this one getting the respect it deserves, though! Jessie battled an incredibly difficult course in Los Angeles, becoming one of only two competitors to survive The Wedge. Falling on the ninth obstacle gave her the number two spot OVERALL for the night.

3 - “Old” Ninja Warrior

  • 15 million views

In a testament to the skills of makeup artistry, the internet was downright confused when an “81-year-old” Ninja Warrior stepped up to the course in season nine and made it to the top of the Warped Wall. Was it real? WAS IT REAL? After an endless amount of Google search requests, the show did reveal that it was actually Brent Steffensen in costume.

4 - Jessie Graff defeats Stage One at the season eight National Finals

  • 6.6 million views

THERE it is! In one of the most well known runs in modern American Ninja Warrior history, Jessie became the first woman to clear Stage One of the National Finals. It topped off an incredible season eight for her and solidified her status as a hero to many.

5 - Jessie Graff at the season nine Daytona City Finals

  • 6.1 million views

Oh hey, it’s Jessie Graff again! And for good reason. In this run, Jessie once again was so close to her goal of a City Finals buzzer. On the Giant Cubes, she seemingly defied the laws of the human body when she twisted around and did the splits in mid-air to make the transfer. Ultimately, her run ended on the 10th and final obstacle, but it was still a glorious showcase of her abilities.