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What questions do you have about applying to American Ninja Warrior?

We’ll try to get answers to your questions about the submission process.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

It’s submission season! American Ninja Warrior is currently taking applications for season 13 and time is running short. Applications need to be in by Monday, December 14.

Applying to be on the show is a big deal. A lot of people want a shot at the course. Only a relative few are going to get that shot. The application process can be lengthy and intimidating if you’ve never made a submission video before. And it’s not just rookies in this position. Everyone, veterans included, need to apply every season.

We want to help you with the application process! What questions do you have regarding applying to American Ninja Warrior? Leave the questions in the comments below and we’ll try to get answers for you!

Below, we’ve also included the previous resources we’ve put together. Look through these articles to get some basic questions answered. Then, let us know what’s left on your mind!