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Ever wondered what American Ninja Warrior would look like as an animated film?

Michael_Learns_Art creates incredible Ninja Warrior fan art.


Have you ever wondered what American Ninja Warrior would look like as a Disney feature film? That’s the vibe we’re getting from Instagram user Michael_Learns_Art’s amazing Ninja Warrior fan art!

The Instagram account reflects Michael’s process of honing his artistic skills. Through a series of posts, Michael documents the process for each new piece of art. “I have been watching ANW for the past four seasons,” Michael shared. “And I made the first fan art piece of Matt and Akbar because they’re so fun to watch when they get excited, I just had to caricature that!”

Look at this piece that that sweetly captures the love between Flip Rodriguez and his pup.

“I made the Flip Rodriguez piece as a tribute to his dog Maui, which he talked about losing on the show.”

Seriously, this picture of season 12 winner Daniel Gil looks like a snapshot from an upcoming animated film!

We love the behind-the-scenes look at Michael’s process as well. Here, you can see the actual photos of Tyler Gillett that Michael used to get the facial features just right.

“I’ve been a fan for the past four years, and I can’t wait for next season... I might even do some more fan art while I’m waiting!”

We certainly hope more art is on the way! If you really love one of Michael’s pieces, they are available as prints. Drop Michael a direct message on Instagram for more information.