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American Ninja Warrior has new individual runs up on YouTube

They’re not never-before-seen, but they are fun to revisit!

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Pickings are slim when it comes to new American Ninja Warrior tidbits this time of year. Season 12 is all wrapped up and season 13 has just entered the casting process. It’s going to be a while before we have new runs to analyze and study.

However, it looks like NBC is trying to help us out where they can. In recent weeks, they’ve been publishing previously unreleased runs on their YouTube page. When we say “unreleased,” that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen the runs before. They were broadcast on their respective episodes, but they were not released individually on NBC’s social media pages after the original airing.

But hey! We’ll take that we can get, right? Below, we’ve included those new runs. Which runs would you like to see individually released? Tell us in the comments!

Robert Moffitt - Qualifiers

Flip Rodriguez - Qualifiers

NHL player Barry Goers - Qualifiers

Abel Gonzalez - Qualifiers

Devin Harrelson - Qualifiers

Sem Garay - Qualifiers

Vance Harris - Qualifiers