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Nick Hanson and Joanne Semaken are engaged!

We’re not the only ones excited by the news!

Nick Hanson/Instagram

It’s hard not to get caught up in the personal lives of the Ninja Warriors. We see them year after year on the show, where we get updated on their lives and cheer for them to find further success.

So forgive us for having a huge grin right now. We were so happy to find out that American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson is now engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Joanne Semaken!

Nick is a six-time American Ninja Warrior. His success has sent him to the National Finals four times. In season 12, Nick earned his second Mega Wall completion in the Qualifiers.

When he’s not holding court on the course, Nick and Joanne live in the remote village of Unalakleet, Alaska. They are both Inupiaq, an indigenous people from Alaska. Nick celebrates his heritage in every aspect of his life, including on American Ninja Warrior.

In a post on Instagram, Nick broke the good news and a bit of the romantic backstory. He kept Joanne in the dark for days while he actually carved the engagement ring himself! Talk about a precious family heirloom! They’ve savored the news privately for a few weeks, sharing it with just their close friends and family. Now we all get to take part in their ongoing celebration.

We’re not the only ones excited by the news of their engagement! With a community like American Ninja Warrior, Nick and Joanne had some familiar faces that were thrilled for them!

Jake Murray and Ethan Swanson

Grant McCartney

We couldn’t be happier for Nick and Joanne! We wish them a lifetime of happiness, love, and buzzers on American Ninja Warrior!