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How did your season 12 predictions shape up?

Many of you thought this would be Joe Moravsky’s year.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Remember the exciting anticipation of waiting to discover the winner of season 12? Who would take the top title? Who would fall early? It was a nail-biter for sure!

After we saw part one of American Ninja Warrior’s season 12 Finals, we asked for your predictions. At that point, we had a temporary top eight, with 11 Ninjas left to run the 10-obstacle Finals course. Using votes cast through a poll, you shared your opinions on who would win the season.

Here are those rankings! (We had quite a few ties.)

  1. Joe Moravsky
  2. Daniel Gil
  3. Najee Richardson
  4. Jesse Labreck
  5. Jake Murray
  6. Jessie Graff, Lucas Reale, and Amir Malik
  7. Adam Rayl
  8. R.J. Roman and Flip Rodriguez
  9. Austin Gray
  10. Cameron Baumgartner, Jon Alexis Jr., and Thomas Stillings
  11. Jeshuah Lewis and Jody Avila
  12. Jamie Rahn and David Wright

So how close were these predictions? Close, and yet not close. Joe Moravsky was predicted to be the season winner. He ended up falling on Slam Dunk and did not make the top eight that headed to the Power Tower playoffs. However, the second prediction was Daniel Gil, and as we all know now, he was the season’s winner!

Najee came in third, which was a strong prediction, as he did make the top eight. Fourth went to Jesse Labreck which is a testament to the faith the viewers have in her skills. She also ended up making the top eight! Austin Gray came in ninth. That means a few of you must have been surprised to see him in the championship race with Daniel. Austin was essentially the season’s runner up.

A good amount of you were pretty accurate with your predictions and some of you were a little off the mark. It just goes to show that anything can happen on American Ninja Warrior.