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Watch the championship race between Daniel Gil and Austin Gray

They were the last Ninjas standing in the final round of the Power Tower playoffs.

Season 12 of American Ninja Warrior aired it’s finale episode on Friday, November 6. Finally, our winner was revealed, but not before several heart attack-inducing races on the Power Tower.

The final top eight Ninjas moved into the first ever Power Tower Playoffs. The seeded match ups advanced through two rounds, leaving us with just two Ninjas in the championship race. Those two Ninjas were Daniel Gil and Austin Gray.

Austin raced Najee Richardson in a close round. He then bested rookie Amir Malik. Daniel first faced Jesse Labreck in a historic moment. Then, he had to fight tooth and nail to pull out the win against Adam Rayl.

The championship race between Daniel and Austin was anyone’s guess. Daniel has years of consistency and success under his belt. Austin is a younger competitor who was absolutely on fire this season. You can watch their very close race above!