ODC Semifinals are here

I know that the amount of voters will be lower because the season is over, but I intend to do this until we crown one odc obstacle to rule them all. After a tight race between these obstacles, walk the plank and slam dunk were crowned the winners. Before we get into our first semifinal bracket, let's of course honor the fallen:

Nail Clipper- Nothing that special, but at least had six people rooting for it

Coconut Climb- Made it's short debut in the okc course, but probably will never be seen again

Ninjago Roll- Why do ten-year-olds always make the most disliked ODC obstacles?

Fallout- A small following of three people voted for this rather dull obstacle.

Now make sure you vote in this poll by Wednesday (11-11) where I will be counting them and put up the last semifinal. Again, I used the random wheel to decide which ones I would put in here. Top 2 will move on to the finals

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