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Watch Jesse Labreck make history as the first woman on the Power Tower

She raced Daniel Gil in the first round of the Power Tower playoffs.

Jesse Labreck and Daniel Gil race on the Power Tower in the finale of American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior’s season 12 finale featured so many exciting moments, including the conclusion of Jesse Labreck’s riveting season.

After hitting the buzzer in the Qualifiers, Jesse put up a very strong run to the ninth obstacle in the Semi-Finals. In the Finals, Jesse further solidified her status as a top ranked competitor when she was one of only seven Ninjas able to complete the course. This set the stage for a historic, important moment on the show.

Jesse was in the season’s final top eight, meaning she was in the Power Tower playoffs. She is now the first woman to qualify for the Power Tower in American Ninja Warrior history. Jesse was up against Daniel Gil. You can watch that race above.

It was a tense moment for the viewers, who didn’t want to see Jesse or Daniel have to go home. But that’s not how American Ninja Warrior works. Daniel won the match and went on to win the season.

We could not be more proud of Jesse and her season (Although we had nothing to do with it!). Time and time again she shows up and sets the bar not only for women on the course, but for anyone on the course. We’re waiting anxiously to see what she can accomplish next.