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American Ninja Warrior finale: Top eight and Power Tower playoff results

Here is the confirmed final leaderboard and the results of the Power Tower playoffs, including the season’s champion.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

American Ninja Warrior closed out season 12 with a breathtaking finale episode. Night two of the finals revealed the final top eight leaderboard and launched us into the first ever Power Tower playoff.

The final rounds were exciting to say the least. There were a few shocking exists, such as Jessie Graff’s painful fall on the third obstacle, and Joe Moravsky’s unexpected fall on the eighth obstacle, Slam Dunk. But the Power Tower playoffs were magnificent match ups. We had evenly matched veterans, a hungry rookie, and the first women to make the Power Tower. All in all, we’d be hard to pressed to change anything about the last episode.

Here, you can find a full recap of the episode.

Here, you can review where all of night two’s competitors completed their runs.

Top eight

  1. Jake Murray - 3:56.20
  2. Daniel Gil - 4:12.68
  3. Lucas Reale - 4:33.36
  4. Najee Richardson - 4:36.66
  5. Austin Gray - 4:40.29
  6. Adam Rayl - 6:24.15
  7. Jesse Labreck - 7:31.02
  8. Amir Malik - Dragonback - 2:40.70

Power Tower playoffs

Round one

  • Najee Richardson vs Austin Gray
    Winner: Austin Gray
  • Lucas Reale vs Adam Rayl
    Winner: Adam Rayl
  • Jake Murray vs Amir Malik
    Winner: Amir Malik
  • Daniel Gil vs Jesse Labreck
    Winner: Daniel Gil

Round two

  • Austin Gray vs Amir Mailk
    Winner: Austin Gray
  • Daniel Gil vs Adam Rayl
    Winner: Daniel Gil

Championship round

  • Austin Gray vs Daniel Gil
    Champion: Daniel Gil