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Watch Grant McCartney dance his way through Qualifiers

After coming back to ANW in season 11 with an improved mental focus, Grant McCartney still likes to have fun on the course — after he hits the buzzer, of course.

American Ninja Warrior - Season 12 Photo by: Elizabeth Morris/NBC

After coming back in season 11 with an improved mental focus, Grant McCartney still likes to have fun on the course — after he hits the buzzer, of course.

First, we had his new TikTok dance.

Then the Island Ninja brought back an oldie but goodie and added a little flair to it. Fast-forward to 4:05 below to get right to the dance or watch Grant’s whole run first!

It looks like Grant has almost found the sweet spot between staying focused on the course and having fun.

“What people don’t know is sometimes on the course I start to think about random other things. I have ADHD, and it kicks in on the course a lot. I started thinking about other stuff, and then I remembered, ‘Oh wait, I got one more move, focus,’” he told ANWN after City Finals in season 11.

Grant completed the course in night one of the Qualifiers with a time of 4:01.16, but was eliminated after falling on Corkscrew in night one of the Semi-Finals. Created by Josh Norton, the season 11 Obstacle Design Challenge winner, Corkscrew eliminated eight other Ninjas that night, including Sandy Zimmerman, Kevin Bull, Abel Gonzalez, and Kid Owhadi.

In an interview with ANWN after Qualifiers, Grant said he had about a week’s notice that filming was going to start. And while he did his best to train during COVID-19 quarantine, “It feels like my first season,” he admitted. “My first season I didn’t put extensive training in. I did as many pull-ups as I could that day I got the call. That’s how I feel this year. I’m here. I feel strong and I’m relying on years of experience, but also just feeling healthy all around. I was able to workout. I built a home gym during Covid.”

Thank you for always keeping things light and entertaining, Grant!