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American Ninja Warrior finale will now air on Friday, November 6

The show has been moved from Wednesday to allow for news coverage.

Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Hang on just a few more days, American Ninja Warrior fans!

The American Ninja Warrior season 12 finale will now air Friday, November 6 at 8pm EST/PST on NBC.

The final episode of the season was slated to air tonight, Wednesday, November 4, but... We think you can probably guess why the show was moved. There are some pretty newsworthy things happening at the moment that take precedence.

On Friday night, we’ll see the final 11 Ninja Warriors run the course. After that, that top eight will advance to the Power Tower playoffs. With $100,000 up for grabs, the Ninjas will put it all on the line to hit the buzzer and take home the title of champion!

Yes, it’s a bummer we have to wait a few more days for the action, but let’s stay busy until then!

Okay. We got this! See you all on Friday for the finale of American Ninja Warrior!